Types of Bank Accounts

Types of bank accountsMost of us have do banking and have basic checking or savings account. They are the most standard accounts. But apart from them there is still much kind of accounts which you might be unaware of. Banks and credit union offers variety of other accounts. Check out for your options and see which one fits you the best.  Check out the types of accounts, match up with your needs and finalize the one from which you get benefited the most.

  • Money market accounts

Almost every bank and financial institution provides a kind of interest bearing account which allows you to write checks which is known as money market account. Money market accounts generally bears higher rate of interest as compared to a checking account or bearing account. Money market accounts are such which needs a superior minimum balance to initiate earning interest. But being high balance, you also high interest. It’s right that you get high amount of interest but on other hand if we talk about withdrawal of funds from money market account then it would be not as easy as of checking or savings account. You are only allowed six times transfers from your money market account and among them only three times you are allowed to do transfer by a check. Most of the banks and financial institution charges fees on money market accounts.

  • Certificate of deposit

Certificate of deposit is also known as time deposit or CD. They are also included in the types of accounts which are usually offered. Time deposits are for a particular period of time and it is fixed. The rate of interest given on time deposits is also fixed depending upon the time period. Time deposit allows you to have an option of choosing the time period for which you want to keep your money into deposit. This time period can vary from certain days to years. Once you decide the time period your money will be into certificate of deposit for that time period and you cannot withdraw it. There are some banks who allow withdrawing the interest but you cannot take your principal until the date of maturity. As you are allowing leaving your funds for a definite period of time, banks pay higher amount of interest as compared to savings and checking account. Banks also allow withdrawing your money before maturity but for this they charge penalty from you.

  • Basic or no frill banking account

There are many banks or institutions which offers account for low price and certain limited range of services. Basic accounts are one which offers you with a comfortable way of paying off the bills and cash checks. They are like usual checking account with certain limits on the number of deposits to make and number of withdrawals you can make per month. Generally basic accounts do not possess any interest. You can compare the basic account and checking account and which one offer you good deal with low balance opening and o need of keeping minimum balance in the account.