Precaution taken while opening online bank account

online bank accountOnline banking consents customers to conduct financial transactions through internet. Online banking is fast gaining popularity because of its easy and anytime accessibility of bank transactions. So if banking has become so hassle free opening an online bank account is too at your fingers tip. It is convenient and time saving. But before having an online bank account we have to know the efficacy of it. Paying bills, checking balances and transfer funds online are some of the benefits of online bank account.

Maintaining an online bank account is easy, quick and safe but certain precautions need to be taken while opening an online bank account:

Firstly, we should visit our respective official internet banking site directly and should not access a site through any link.
Secondly, we should never answer e-mails asking for our internet banking password or our PIN. If such situation arises inform the bank and try to investigate about it.

Thirdly, we should never use cyber cafes or shared PC’s to access our bank account.

Fourthly, we should try to protect our computer by installing anti-virus software to protect it from virus attacks. If possible we could also install security programs to safeguard it from hackers.
Fifthly, we should never share our password with anyone and if possible we should store the ID or PIN in a safe and secure place.
Sixthly, we should have a regular check on the history of our bank transaction and should log off the computer when not in use.
Seventhly, we should try to disable the file and printing sharing feature from our operating system.

So if the above advises are followed maintaining an online bank account is a bliss for you as it relieves you from running to the bank every time and standing in the queue for money transactions.