How To Find A Venture Capitalist

Venture CapitalistAre you looking for some additional funding for your business? Well, venture capital investment seems to be really in vogue these days in place of traditional bank loans and there are many venture capitalist firma around. However, not all venture capitalists out there would be suitable for you and hence you have to be really careful while selecting the one for you.

Comparative study

The first thing to do here is to carry a comparative study among at least 4-6 potential venture capitalist firms in the market. Study about their market reputation and entrepreneur-client testimonials to understand the quality of their assistance. It’s advised to go for a seasoned venture capitalist firm since prolonged market existence speaks for authenticity & quality of service.

Adequate assets

Try to know about the asset resource of your chosen venture capitalist firm. This is to ensure that the firm is well-equipped to support your venture with sufficient financial backup. The point is more crucial when you are into a start-up business- if you are in initial stages of your venture you will need financial backup for several aspects such as marketing research, technology development, startup funding & then consequently first & second-stage funding.

Industry specialization

You must check out the industry specialization of the venture capitalist firm before you approach or sign up with them. Actually, today, most of the venture capitalist organizations prefer a specialized sector, based on their industry understanding. This helps them to fathom the prospects and growth of their investment. So, do not approach any venture capitalist firm which is not specialized in your business as by that you would be only wasting time & energy.

Business stage specialization

Some venture capitalist firms specialize in startup business while some are comfortable in assisting the business from mid-road. It’s important that you check out the business phase specialization of your chosen venture capitalist firm beforehand to ensure that you are getting help from the right & actually interested experts.

Beware of competitor investors

After you bump into a reliable venture capitalist firm interested in your industry and business stage, you have to check out their list of investments. Make sure that the firm does not help your direct competitors as there is a risk of you getting pressed by the capitalists for more business information which could be passed on to your competitors. In case, you have to settle with a VC firm working for your direct competitor, make sure not to reveal much about your business.