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Think Before you pay Money for a New Vehicle

Money for a New VehicleThe 6 things we should keep in our minds before paying money for a new vehicle these are as follows:-

Decide which vehicle you would like to purchase
– Choosing the vehicle is the first step of the whole procedure. Whether you want a sedan class or hatchback you need to decide it first. Then decide on the features would you like to have in your new vehicle. All in one cannot be possible as it can exceed your range so you must keep it in your mind while selecting.

Take a test drive – Visit the best car dealer of your choice which has different options that you want. Look for the car you want and must check its interior look to make you feel comfortable. Take permission from salesperson for a test drive. During the test drive be careful about the handling of the car brake and acceleration. Ask the salesperson about the vehicle its various descriptions.

Find out the vehicles invoice price – Invoice price also termed as dealer price which the dealer pays to the manufacturer for a particular vehicle. There are various websites where you can find out the invoice price.

Get pre approved for a loan– Look for the best interest rate and loan conditions for a new vehicle. Credit unions are the most excellent preference to secure a low interest rate on a new car loan.

Get email quotes from several car dealership
– Send email to three to four dealerships for the vehicle you want and ask for a quote. Don’t forget to include vehicle color vehicles neat point and other options you required.

Go to the dealership to pick up the vehicle
– After receiving the best quote for your vehicle go to the dealership and purchase your car along with fulfill all the paper works.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Scam

Credit Card ScamCredit card facility is very much in demand now days since much of the transactions are no longer done in cash. The fraud done with the credits cards is very much prevalent now days. It is not at all a safe option to trust the restaurants and shopping malls. You must take the necessary precautions before you actually give your financial information especially your credit card number. Here are some very helpful tips that you must follow and it will definitely help you to protect yourself from credit card scam.

a) You must keep a strict eye on your credit card when you are personally transacting with it. Take it back as soon as possible and make sure that you have a watch on it because copying the various details on your credit card does not need much time.
b) You must be sure of the person whom you are giving your credit card. Make sure that the institution that you are dealing with is a reputable one. Reliable companies do not call up their clients and ask for card numbers over the phone.
c) You should never respond to emails that ask for your credit card details for verification purposes as they mention.
d) You must always check that the website where you are providing your card information is a reliable one or not,
e) You must sign your card as soon as you receive it.
f) You must also check your bills as soon as you get them to make sure that there are no overcharges done. You must match your bills and your account to make the balance between the two. This helps you to save a lot of your money from being deducted unnecessarily.
g) You must keep your PIN number just to yourself. This can protect you in case your card gets stolen.

Tips to follow while using an ATM

When it comes to the use of ATM you need to be quite careful in this connection. You need to make it sure that you have all the directions and instructions at your disposal. It is pretty important for you.

Be careful about card insertion techniques– Be careful about card insertion techniques. It is pretty important on your part to do so in the precise and exact fashion. There are different insertion techniques at different ATMs. You need to be careful as well as aware of those techniques. In case you find some difficulties while inserting the card ask for the help of the security guard over there.

You must not let the card stay inside the machine for a long time– In this regard you have to remain cautious about one particular thing very precisely. You must not let the card stay inside the machine for a long time. It is pretty imperative on your part to ensure that. If it stays inside for a long time then the card might get stuck over there. You might have to do a little bit of hard work to get it out. You have to report to the bank authorities if it happens.

Do not let another entity peep at the password– Do not let another entity peep at the password. It is a must. At the same time you must not let other take a look at the other essential such as the identification number. You have to ensure it at any cost.

If you make it a point that you are going to keep an eye on these aspects you will have a pretty good experience. So keep them in mind specifically. Have a great experience while using the ATM. Best of wishes!

Precaution taken while opening online bank account

online bank accountOnline banking consents customers to conduct financial transactions through internet. Online banking is fast gaining popularity because of its easy and anytime accessibility of bank transactions. So if banking has become so hassle free opening an online bank account is too at your fingers tip. It is convenient and time saving. But before having an online bank account we have to know the efficacy of it. Paying bills, checking balances and transfer funds online are some of the benefits of online bank account.

Maintaining an online bank account is easy, quick and safe but certain precautions need to be taken while opening an online bank account:

Firstly, we should visit our respective official internet banking site directly and should not access a site through any link.
Secondly, we should never answer e-mails asking for our internet banking password or our PIN. If such situation arises inform the bank and try to investigate about it.

Thirdly, we should never use cyber cafes or shared PC’s to access our bank account.

Fourthly, we should try to protect our computer by installing anti-virus software to protect it from virus attacks. If possible we could also install security programs to safeguard it from hackers.
Fifthly, we should never share our password with anyone and if possible we should store the ID or PIN in a safe and secure place.
Sixthly, we should have a regular check on the history of our bank transaction and should log off the computer when not in use.
Seventhly, we should try to disable the file and printing sharing feature from our operating system.

So if the above advises are followed maintaining an online bank account is a bliss for you as it relieves you from running to the bank every time and standing in the queue for money transactions.